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Originial Zodiac

Post by BASEL » Wed Dec 31, 2008 7:40 pm

With what you are looking for have you taken into account that our 12 "house" zodiac originally was once 13 "symbols" based on the womens mentrual cycle(when all women would have menstruated at the same time, which was once in-line with the moons cycle - "moon"-stral cycle) and the true movement sof the Sun through the constellations?

this "13th" symbol was the Serpent Bearer known as Ophiuchus ( however it was removed in order to further disorientate our minds and have us out of sync with the moon/sun cycles and energies.
This i feel is very important also for us to look into and integrate with the mayan and chinese zodiacs.

If you follow conventional Western astrology, the Tropical Zodiac dates will form the Zodiac Wheel you are used to. These dates are not correct.

Conventional ("re-written") Sun Signs -

Pisces - 19th feb to 20th march
Aries - 21st March to 19th April
Taurus - 20th April to 20th May
Gemini - 21st May to 20th June
Cancer - 21st June to 22 July
Leo - 23 july to 22nd august
Virgo - 23 August to 22 September
Libra - 22nd to 22 october
Scorpio - 23 october to 21st November
Sagitarius - 22 November to 21st December
Capricorn - 22 december to 19th January
Aquarius - 20th January to the 18th February

These dates which we have been lead/conditioned to use and refer are completely wrong!

These are the true dates of the Sun Zodiac -
*Note: pay attention to the Dates and the placement of Ophiuchus, This is the true cycle of the Sun in Syncronity with the Moon. HOW IT SHOULD BE.

Pisces - 12 March to 18 April
Aries - 19 April to 13 May
Taurus - 14 May to 19 June
Gemini - 20 June to 20 July
Cancer - 21 Jul to 9 August
Leo - 10 Aug to 15 Sept
Virgo - 16 Sep to 30 Oct
Libra - 31 Oct to 22 Nov
Scorpio - 23 Nov to 29 Nov
Ophiuchus (The Serpent Bearer) - 30 Nov to 17 Dec
Sagittarius - 18 Dec to 18 Jan
Capricorn - 19 Jan to 15 Feb
Aquarius - 16 Feb to 11 Mar

*with this I can now see that my girlfriend and I are Virgo, and our newborn son is Leo which is also his name . where as I have lived my life thinking I was a libran. Altho I show many of the characteristics of a Libran I will take this in mind ad began re-evaluating my star chart.
LMAO thank fook I didnt get the tattoo i wanted to get of the Lirbran scales on the back of my neck. lol i feel sorry for all those that likely have the wrong signs perminantly on there bodies

Here is a chart of the modern day incorrect zodiac (inside) and the true zodiac with the 13 symbols (outside) -


Why are the Dates so Different Between Reality and the Tropical Zodiac?: There are three reasons for this.

Firstly, the Greek constellations - the figures the Greeks saw in the stars - are all different shapes and sizes. Hence these thirteen constellations are not all the same size. Scorpio, for example, is very small and the Sun takes only seven days to pass across it, as seen from the Earth. Virgo is much larger.

Secondly, because of the Movement of the Ages, the Tropical Zodiac is now shifted by almost a month in comparison to the heavens - the Tropical Zodiac is tied to the calendar. Further showing how out of place our current zodiac is.

Thirdly, the Babylonians never included Ophiuchus within their Zodiac. See the Zodiac Wheels link for a description of how the Zodiacs evolved. This Suggests it has been the same "elite" PTB that has kept the Zodiac wrong since ancient times.

For 326 days each year the Sun does not appear against the constellation that the Tropical Zodiac says it is in. If you always felt that your Sun Sign doesn't really describe you, there is an 89% chance that you are right!

This also means that the Moon and Planets are not usually in the sign that the Tropical Zodiac says they are, and that Rising Signs are inaccurate 326 times out of every 365 if the Tropical Zodiac is used to find them.

(The dates of the cusps move a little from one year to the next, so sometimes they are quoted as 1st December to 18th December.) Aquarius, the Water Carrier, is the actual 13th, and last, sign of the Real Solar Zodiac.

As Ophiuchus is a Sun-sign it is also a member of the Planetary Zodiac and the Lunar Zodiac, i.e. as well as the Sun, the planets and the Moon can frequently be seen against the stars of Ophiuchus, from the view point of the Earth.

So why was it removed from the Zodiac if it was clearly a dominant constellation in the sky?

Ophiuchus isn't in the Tropical Zodiac not because there is something wrong with Ophiuchus but because there is something wrong with the Tropical Zodiac. The Tropical Zodiac is an inaccurate oversimplification of the heavens dating . Why would they do this?

There is the theory that it was a time when we did not have telescopes or computers.......

which i say is crap!
how was the true Zodiac so accurately known long before this simplification happened?

The PTB knew something at that time and had to do something about it. this I think was to do with our energies aligning with moons/suns/planets and stars inwhich we would be at balance more with nature/"time" and the cosmos. "AS ABOVE SO BELOW".

Ophiuchus was better known in classical times as Asclepius, the God of Medicine. He learnt the art from Chiron, the Centaur. On either side of Ophiuchus in the heavens lie the two parts of the sign of the serpent he holds, Serpens Caput, the Serpent's Head and Serpens Cauda, the Serpent's Tail.Being the "god" of medicine we can then be reminded of the Cadeucus, The twined serpent staff which is the badge of the medical profession to this day. It is from the Serpent that Ophiuchus learnt the secret of the Elixir of Life.

Ophiuchus is always shown with his foot resting on Scorpio, the Scorpion. In Greek star lore the Earth Goddess Gaia sends Scorpius to kill Orion, the Hunter, who has threatened to hunt down all the animals of the Earth - a tale with resonance for modern times. Scorpio stings Orion, who would have died had it not been for the intervention of Aesculapius (Ophiuchus). Aesculapius gives Orion a sip of the divine Elixir and restores him to health.

With this understanding of the true 13 symbols of the zodiac will we get a better understanding of the ASTRO-THEOLOGY within the bible?

I hope this has helped towards what you guys are looking for and raised a few more questions. ill continue to investigate and research more into the western and missing zodiacs etc. As i mentioned i havnt done as much research into the zodiacs themselves as I would like however I feel this thread is going in that direction so ill do my piece to help see the big picture.

Just found this over at the di forum (thanks to jesta g)

Interesting i thought

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