Sweden 1 v Northern Ireland 1

Rossco gives us his brillant off the wall approach to the world they call football, language may offend
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Sweden 1 v Northern Ireland 1

Post by Rossco » Thu Oct 18, 2007 9:19 pm

Saw the game last night probably like most people, a good results but to little to late i think. after the disappointing results against Latvia and Iceland. hurts my head when think how our boys in green can take 4 points of Sweden yet none against Iceland! sure if you've followed Northern Ireland in football then you know it sums us up lol always raise the game against the big boys, just have to learn to do it against the teams we (with all due respect) should beat. sure we're not Brazil we're Northern Ireland. still good effort last last from the lads and they can hold there head up high in what has been a very good effort in a tough group and it's not over yet. head says NO heart says's YES! just have to keep the faith.

I do believe that Nigel Worthington is NOT the right man to take us forward, i think he is to much of an old fashioned coach in many ways and after the next two games the IFA should get someone else in. WHO though? and in there lies the problem. if you read this post and have any idea's then please do let me know.

other results last night.

Georgia 2 v Scotland 0. that one made me sad but the Scot's can still do it if they raise their game at Hamden against the Italians. again keep the faith cause would love to see Scotland at the finals.

Russia 2 v England 1. this one made me laugh, good to see. Don't know bout youse but it's about time the English press admitted and realized that they are an average side.

San Mariano 1 v Wales 2. Wales scrapped through, a young team with a lot of work to do but they are young so maybe come good in couple years. then again maybe not.

Rep of Ireland 1 v Cyprus 1. poor result and think like Northern Ireland they need to change management like they're going to go anywhere.
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Post by MasterSamWise » Thu Oct 18, 2007 9:31 pm

i had a chuckle about the england score myself lol

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