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Post by BASEL » Sun Apr 27, 2008 5:30 am

After nearly 20 years of full time research into the true workings of the world, the last few weeks have been real head-shakers for me. Talk about watching a movie.

And it's not even a new movie - just a remake of endless of its kind over hundreds of years. They were once in silent black and white and now in full-blown computer-enhanced digital colour. The movie is called 'The Banking Crisis' and among its many sequels and spin-offs are 'The Recession', 'The Slump', 'The Crash', and, in it's latest version, 'The Credit Crunch'.

All of them star the insider actors and actresses from the same elite families and all have but one prime objective: human control. Everything else is decoration, diversion and camouflage.

I'll summarise first what I have been saying since the early 1990s about the 'economic cycle' of 'boom and bust' and then have a look at what is happening today from that perspective.

It is, lest we forget, the private banks that bring 'money' into circulation by issuing lines of 'credit', which is 'money' that has never, does not, and will never exist. Money is merely mythical figures on a screen that is only worth anything because we take it seriously and believe it to be worth anything. It only has purchasing power because the receiver believes it has purchasing power. It's all a mind game.

When you take out a loan from a bank (put more 'money' into circulation through accepting credit) the bank doesn't print any notes, mint any coins or move precious metals anywhere. It simply types into your computer account the sum of mythical figures-on-a-screen 'credit' that you have agreed to be 'loaned'.

In fact, the bank has loaned you nothing except figures on a computer file and yet from that moment you start paying interest on money that has never, does not, and will never exist. Banking is nothing more than legalised fraud and the biggest organised crime in history. The Mafia are petty criminals by comparison.

You can symbolise the modus operandi as a fisherman (the elite Illuminati banking families) with his rod (control of the banking system, stock markets, governments, mainstream media and, most crucially, the 'creation' and distribution of 'money' or 'credit').

In stage one, the banking elite cast the fishing line by keeping interest rates low and making it easy for almost anyone to get 'credit'. This has the effect of putting lots of 'money' into circulation and increases the ability of business and people to buy things.

This obviously increases 'consumer demand' and business takes out more loans for plant, machinery and expansion, and employs more staff, to meet that demand. We now have what they call 'economic prosperity' or a 'boom', although there is always an underclass that never benefits.

During such 'boom times', people, like business, feel more confident and vast numbers buy a bigger house, bigger car and have more expensive holidays - paid for invariably by loans or line of credit.

In short, during a 'boom' business and people get themselves into more debt and even those who don't secure bank loans bash their credit card to increase their purchasing power in the face of mass advertising (mind control) to buy, buy, buy.

But this 'prosperity' is only made possible by the increases in credit ('money' in circulation) that allows the increase in spending. And who controls that? The banks controlled by the Illuminati banking families like the Rothschilds, Rockefellers and the rest.

When the world is saturated in credit (debt on 'money' that doesn't exist) the banking cartel triggers stage two of what ignorant economists and economic correspondents call the 'economic cycle'. Continuing with the fisherman analogy, they reel in the line and net their fish - us.

They do this by reducing the amount of credit they issue and calling in many loans already on their books. This has the effect of taking 'money' - purchasing power - out of circulation and transforms the manufactured 'boom' into a manufactured 'bust'.

With less money in circulation, people can buy less and so businesses need to produce less. This leads to big increases in unemployment, bankruptcy and people losing their homes because those businesses and people are no longer able to earn the income necessary to service the loans they took out during the 'good times'.

But, of course, when they accepted those loans of non-existent 'money' they had to sign over as security their wealth that did exist - their home, car, business or land - and so when they fail to 'repay' their 'loans' of credit the banks seize their wealth that does exist in exchange for not paying back 'money' that has never existed, except in theory.

Yes, I know it's insane to you and me, but from the perspective of an economic system created for the simple purpose of human control and enslavement it is perfectly sane. To the elite families behind it all, it is sheer genius and a crucial means to their end.


Using the techniques I have described, these interbreeding families have trawled and netted the 'physical' wealth of the world while giving the masses worthless bits of paper and figures on a screen to make them think they are sharing in the whole deal. But they are not and, whenever the genetic cartel decrees, the people realise how tenuous their perceived 'prosperity' really was.

But, come the next 'boom', they fall for it all over again. Ahhhhhhh!

All this manipulation is made possible by allowing private banks, ultimately controlled by the same family bloodlines, to control how much credit or 'money' is in circulation, and by the mass brainwashing of the population to 'spend, spend, spend' to seek a lifestyle that the system, again controlled by the same cartel, has told them is the measurement of their 'success' and 'happiness'.

As Robert H. Hemphill, a one-time credit manager at the Federal Reserve Bank in Atlanta once said:

'This is a staggering thought. We are completely dependent on the commercial banks. Someone has to borrow every dollar we have in circulation, cash or credit. If the banks create ample synthetic money we are prosperous, if not, we starve. We are absolutely without a permanent money system.

When one gets a complete grasp of the picture, the tragic absurdity of our hopeless position is almost incredible, but there it is. It is the most important subject intelligent persons can investigate and reflect upon. It is so important that our present civilisation may collapse, unless it becomes widely understood and the defects remedied very soon.'

And so to today's 'banking crisis'. It's a classic.

Since the last 'economic downturn' (trawl of the real wealth) there has been a global orgy in 'consumer debt' (we are no longer people, we are 'consumers', just a cog in the economic machinery). By last year, Americans owed a staggering $16 trillion dollars - that's $2.4 trillion in personal loans and $13.6 trillion borrowed for their homes.

Total US debt in 2007 (and it's bigger now): $53 trillion.

In the UK, a nation of some 60 million compared with America's 300 million, the debt levels have similarly soared to record highs. Personal debt in Britain passed £1 trillion ($2 trillion) in 2004, just seven years after it passed through the half a trillion barrier. It has since expanded by another nearly £400 billion and Britain's personal debt is increasing by more than £1 million every 4 minutes.

The banking cartel has taken the debt to record levels because it is preparing for a record trawl. It is the vehicle for the Illuminati families to create the chaos from which they can offer their solution - a new global economic system which gives them more control than ever before. They want this eventually to be administered by a world central bank via a single world currency that would be purely electronic with no cash in circulation at all.

This would give total control (apart from barter) over if or what you purchase to a global computer system that would be programmed to decide if it would accept your electronic card or, in time, the microchip under your skin. Dissidents of the system would soon be off the computer's Christmas card list, that's for sure.

This is what the current financial mayhem is all about - another massive stepping stone to the control of every man, woman and child on the planet.

Once you know that, the apparently crazy and scandalous decisions made by the banking system to trigger the current crisis take on a new perspective. These include the high-risk sub-prime mortgage frenzy which made vast numbers of loans to people who were highly likely to default - and have.

It was a disaster waiting to happen - but only for those who lost their homes, not for the families controlling the banking system.

But wait, I can hear people say, banks are going broke and even major players like Bear Stearns have been on the brink. Surely the Illuminati families wouldn't want that? Oh, but they would because of the contribution it makes to their overall agenda.

It is important to stress the difference between running a bank within the game and owning the game itself. Take the symbolic example of the board game called Monopoly. Different people come and go, playing the game and 'winning' and 'losing'.

But the game itself can never 'lose' because it is the board on which everyone has to play, winners and losers, and it is all the houses, hotels, instruction cards and rules that they have to play with and abide by. Players of the game may use its board, money and real estate for a while, but the game always gets them back, or the owner of the game does.

Monopoly: he who creates the game controls the rules

Yes, the US bank Bear Stearns saw its share price plummet from more than $150 a share down to almost zero. But who has sought to take advantage of that? The notorious Illuminati operation, J P Morgan Chase, which has offered Bear $2 a share in its takeover bid - and the Illuminati-created and controlled Federal Reserve, the privately-owned 'central bank' of America, has made the Morgan takeover virtually risk-free by guaranteeing up to $30 billion of Bear's mortgages and other assets.

It's a stitch-up. Some banks will go to the wall and either disappear or be absorbed for cents on the dollar by other Illuminati operations and it suits the agenda to install fewer, but bigger, banks because that reduces the number of people with any influence on competition and financial events in general.

It is sobering to read this Internet account of the engineered Wall Street Crash of 1929 which led to the Great depression of the 1930s, a time that some commentators are claiming we may be about to experience again:

'Throughout the 1920s a long boom took stock prices to peaks never before seen. From 1920 to 1929 stocks more than quadrupled in value. Many investors became convinced that stocks were a sure thing and borrowed heavily to invest more money in the market.

But in 1929, the bubble burst and stocks started down an ever more precipitous cliff. In 1932 and 1933, they hit bottom, down about 80% from their highs in the late 1920s. This had sharp effects on the economy. Demand for goods declined because people felt poor because of their losses in the stock market. New investment could not be financed through the sale of stock, because no one would buy the new stock.

But perhaps the most important effect was chaos in the banking system as banks tried to collect on loans made to stock market investors whose holdings were now worth little or nothing at all. Worse, many banks had themselves invested depositors' money in the stock market. When word spread that banks' assets contained huge un-collectable loans and almost worthless stock certificates, depositors rushed to withdraw their savings. Unable to raise fresh funds from the Federal Reserve System, banks began failing by the hundreds in 1932 and 1933.'

Those hundreds of failing banks were either absorbed for next to nothing by the big banks, which became even richer and more powerful as a result, or they were left to disappear and reduce the potential competition. Individual banks may come and go, but the banking system, the game, is always there.

For '... chaos in the banking system as banks tried to collect on loans made to stock market investors whose holdings were now worth little or nothing at all', read sub-prime mortgages and such like that we have now. Imagine the effect of a stock market crash today on top of everything else and it's coming, make no mistake. It's all in the script.

America during the banker-created Great Depression

It was no coincidence at all that the crash of the 1930s was unleashed by the Illuminati Federal Reserve making several increases in interest rates to 'cool the stock market', nor that the economic collapse brought the Illuminati front man Franklin Roosevelt to the White House with his 'New Deal' to 'solve the crisis'. Instead, he took the United States into World War Two.

What we are seeing is just 'history' (the techniques of mass manipulation) repeating.

After the 'boom' created by low interest rates and unlimited credit since the 1990s, they are crashing the global economy through what is being called the 'Credit Crunch'. Put another way, they put lots of money into circulation (boom) and now they are taking it out again (bust).

This means that there comes a moment when there is simply not enough money in circulation for everyone to pay back their outstanding 'loans'. Suffering and homelessness are built into the system.

Other aspects of this same agenda include:

The crashing of the US dollar to prepare for its replacement by a 'North American Union' currency (working title at least, the Amero) which would become the currency of the United States, Canada and Mexico with plans to extend it to the whole of the Americas.

Creating such a scale of economic suffering and dependency that people will do anything, at however low the wage, just to survive and with 'outsourcing' and the massive influx of people from poorer countries into places like North America, the UK and the rest of Western Europe, the competition for this low-paid work is being intensified still more (see the video sequence after this article).

Watching the news as the crisis unfolds is like witnessing a car crash in slow motion, or a replay of one you have seen, or read about, many times before; and debt has reached such astronomical proportions that we're right out of seat belts.

Like I say, in the end it's all a mind game based on the manipulation of that mental and emotional state we call 'confidence'. When you control the mainstream media and the leading politicians then controlling the level of 'confidence' is a synch.

When people have confidence in banks, stock markets and the strength of the economy in general, they borrow more money, get into more debt, spend more and invest more in things like stocks and shares. The result: there is an economic and stock market boom.

When people lose confidence in banks, stock markets and the strength of the economy in general, they borrow less money, spend less and invest less in things like stocks and shares. The result: there is an economic and stock market 'crisis'.

So tell them everything is wonderful and give them lots of credit and then tell them everything is in chaos and stop their lines of credit. It is so easy when you own the game.

Wall Street: A Las Vegas casino

Many years ago I spoke about all this at a financial conference and afterwards a man who speculated for a living on the commodity markets (deciding if people in 'Third World' countries ate or not) came over to speak to me. He said he didn't believe what I said about manipulation of the system, but he would keep his eyes open from now on.

A few months later I met him again and he was transformed. He said he had noticed that three or four days before a state-of-the-economy statement by the then Federal Reserve chief, Alan Greenspan, the big players in the markets would go to work moving their investments around.

Every time, he said, the result of Greenspan's words was to increase the value of what the big players had been buying and push down what they had been selling. The reason does not need a genius to explain: The big players were colluding in Greenspan's statements.

Welcome to the 'real' world ...

But in everything else most people do have a choice not to borrow money for things they don't actually need - and that's where so much credit 'money' is spent. If people can't afford something that is not essential then don't buy it if you can't pay cash because otherwise you are mortgaging your life to the banking cartel.

To resist the influence of others, knowledge of one's self is most important.

Draw from your past....... but don't let your past draw from you

Yama, The world is changed. I feel it in the water. I feel it in the earth. I smell it in the air. Much that once was..... is lost. For none now live who remember it.

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